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Not just an Employee.

Hi.  My name is Kaylan and I’m the Director of Interactive and Social Media for the Texas Rangers.

I’m not just an employee of the team; I’ve been a lifelong fan.  Literally.

When I was three months old, my parents brought me to my first game.  I wouldn’t know except a Rangers executive selected me and my parents to be the Cradle Clubber of the Year.  My parents were invited onto the field, introduced to Danny Darwin, and had their picture taken.  After a few weeks, we received a very cool package in the mail; a signed photo and a certificate for a college scholarship that I could redeem when I turned 18.  The photo and certificate hung on my bedroom wall for as long as I could remember.  Even when I got married and moved into my house, it went with me and hung it in our home office.

The day after my 18th birthday I went to the ballpark to redeem my certificate.  I used it to start my freshmen year at the University of Texas at Arlington.  Not but a week later, I started my internship with the team.

My very first job was working for the Rangers the summer after high school.  I umpired little league games for a program called Rookie League every summer through college except one.  Those were some of the best summers.  The kids made the days go by quickly, I got to play baseball all day, and I had a pretty good tan at the end of each summer.

From there, I transitioned into an intern position in the front office.  I didn’t have as good of a tan, but I met and impressed the right people and landed my first full-time job after college graduation as the coordinator of ticket sales.

I’ve prided myself as a Rangers’ employee for the past eight seasons.  We’ve had some ups and downs as a team, but my heart has remained true.  I’ve served in a few positions, but my current role is the most interesting and exciting one I’ve held.

From talking to the players in the clubhouse, to watching batting practice every night from the field or dugout, to traveling with the team to a few away games, and going to the All-Star game for the first time, this is the best job, and I work for the greatest team in the majors.

Recently, my first Rangers experience came full circle.  Danny Darwin visited Rangers Ballpark and I got to meet him.  I took my photo off the wall that now hangs in my office on the fourth floor at the ballpark and recreated it as best I could.

Standing on the field with Danny the other day was one of the most memorable things I can do with the Rangers.  Having the opportunity to meet him so many years later and to bring that experience full circle shows me that my amazing ride is one that was set in motion since I was born, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be a fan and employee.

I hope you join me on this crazy ride of Rangers Baseball… from the perspective of a front office employee and a lifelong fan.