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Excitement at the Ballpark Again

A few exciting things happened during the last homestand…


Josh Hamilton returned home & took the field in a Rangers uniform once again.


A new TEXAS sign was installed at the ballpark.  Pudge poses for the X before the game.


We saw not 1… not 2… but 3 post-game showers on the field!IMG_0245Chi Chi Gonzalez after this first Major League debut. 

IMG_0262Josh Hamilton & Emily Jones after Hamilton’s walk-off win.

IMG_0309Joey Gallo gets drenched after his first Major League game.


We saw two walk-off wins!IMG_0266Fielder slides into home for the win, with Hamilton getting the game-winning RBI.

IMG_0490Choo got the game winning hit & the guys celebrate!


Got to witness Joey Gallo take BP at Globe Life Park for the first time.  The sound the bat makes as it makes contact is unreal.  Reminds me of what it sounded like when Hamilton took BP in his first stint with the Rangers.


Derek Holland got a crazy hair cut and is now channeling Rick Vaughn.


This is Jordyn Turner.  She is the 2015 Going To Bat Against Bullying winner.  She was so inspiring and you could see the happiness radiate from her infectious smile.  I was honored to meet her this past week!

The guys return home this Friday to face the Twins.  I’m ready for more Rangers baseball as the summer & the guy start to heat things up!

Until next time, Go Rangers!




Boys Are Back in Town

While the Rangers were on the extended road trip, I was trying to think of something to write.  I was at a loss.  I had so many Rangers and All-Star hours under my belt that I think I was tapped out.  But when I was surfing through the pictures on my phone, I always landed on a few that made me smile and wish the team was back in town.

Here are my favorites for this month… so far:

Wash wants you to #VoteYu

Josh Hamilton during Press Conference

Napoli & Weaver

Kinsler discussing his swing with MLB Network

I know there will be other photos this month that will make me smile.  I’ll be sure to share those with you…