September 2012

Arrival of a New Player

Before today’s two hour rain delay, I had the privilege to see a new player arrive in the clubhouse.  While that may not sound that exciting, it was pretty cool to see how the current team responded to the new call up.

The clubhouse was crowded with media.  The baseball writers had just come back in from meeting with Ron Washington.  Radio and TV crews were busy getting interviews with the players.  The clubbies were scurrying around cleaning out a locker for the new guy, with the assistance of Mike Napoli.  They were moving Beltre’s extra stuff.

Wilmer Font arrived.  He walks in through the back door, through the kitchen from the parking garage.  He was wearing a white polo with yellow horizontal stripes, dark blue jeans, and tennis shoes.  He was carrying his Rangers travel duffle bag.

He walks into the clubhouse and starts looking for his locker.  Shouts from across the room begin… “Hi Wilmer.” “Hey, Wil.” “Congrats, man.”

He sets his bag down and Ian Kinsler and Michael Young call him over.  Handshakes.  Hugs. Congratulations on the call up.  Welcome to the Rangers.

Mike Olt, his teammate in Frisco, comes over with a hug and congratulations.

Jurickson Profar, also a teammate in Frisco, shoots him a smile from across the room.

Elvis Andrus greets him in Spanish.

Each guy made a point to say hi when they saw him.

I haven’t been around another team’s clubhouse.  I haven’t met too many players on other teams.  But I love our guys.  They didn’t have to stop what they were doing to welcome him to the team.  Mike Napoli didn’t have to help the clubbies clean out a locker.

Our guys stand behind one another, rookie or veteran.